Made in Austria

Certified quality made in Austria

Before an ekey product is allowed on the market, it must undergo a rigorous endurance test. This test consists of numerous and intensive simulations of:

✔ Glowing heat

✔ Clinking cold

✔ High humidity


These fingerprints and all its components are exposed to countless times before they reach the customer. Our quality recipe consists of the highest standards of functionality, reliability and safety, which are refined through intensive testing:

✔ Extensive production, manufacturing and functional controls (zero tolerance)

✔ Testing for environmental and temperature resistance

✔ Vibration and shock tested

✔ Tested for penetration of water and mechanical parts

✔ Quality management system according to EN ISO 9001

✔ CE compliant


+385 1 7077535


Guci Draganicki 27b,
10450 Jastrebarsko,


Working Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm
Satrday and Sunday: closed

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