ekey retrofit solutions

 For all current and existing doors

ekey uno smart lock

 The smart retrofit kit for all current and existing doors


With the ekey uno fingerprint with battery and radio, you can finally open your door smartly and comfortably with your finger – without having to drill, clamp or wire during assembly. The assembly of the fingerprint as well as the eqiva door lock drive is very easy and done in a few minutes. The retrofit kit fits all standard doors and can be disassembled without residue. Therefore, it is ideal for your home as well as rental property.

Good reasons for the ekey uno

  • Lockout impossible – the finger is always there
  • Easy open your front door with your finger
  • Unlock without key, smartphone, number code or RFID card
  • No more forgotten, misplaced, lost or stolen keys
  • Carefree access for you and your family

Your benefits with ekey uno

  • Smart retrofit kit for self-assembly
  • Suitable for all common doors with mechanical double-cylinder lock
  • Easy installation without drilling, jamming or tilting
  • ekey uno is suitable for outdoor use

Retrofit solution: ekey lock

5 simple steps to plan your retrofit solution ekey lock:

Ideal retrofit solution for interior, exterior and glass doors. Well proven also in rental properties. The system is easy to remove when moving and to equip the door.


ekey lockekey lock benefits

  • for interior, exterior and glass doors
  • no cables in the door
  • easy construction
  • suitable for single and multiple locks
  • simply remove again when moving
  • existing fittings are retained


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