How to plan your project?

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Choose the right system according to the size of your project and requirements:

  • Single access solution ekey home (1 finger scanner); if you want with the help of one finger scanner to control 1, 2 or 3 different devices (doors, alarm systems, light etc.). For more information on this kind of system please refer to ekey home sollutions


  • Multiple access solution ekey multi (up to 4 finger scanners); if you want to use up to 4 finger scanners to control 1 to 4 different devices. For more informaiton on this kind of system please refer to ekey multi sollutions

Within the previously selected system ekey home or ekey multi select the suitable finger scanner or keypad according to model and function :

  • Finger scanner AP – for wall mounting
  • Finger scanner integra – for wall mounting or outlet mounting
  • Finger scanner intercoms (FS UP I) – use the filters within the webshop and select the intercom vendor
  • Finger scanner switch frame (FS UP E) – for outlet mounting
  • Keypad ekey keypad integra – for wall and outlet mouunting

All finger scanners can have the RFID extra feature (if you want some of the users to access with the RFID instead the fingerprint), while some of the mounting frames have additional options like LED status and/or door bell module.

Select the appropriate control unit according to the following criteria:

  • Mounting type: surface-mounted or DIN rail mounted device in the switch cabinet
  • Number of required finger scanners
  • Note number of required functions:
    • ekey home up to 3 functions with 1 finger scanner
    • ekey multi 4 functions and 4 finger scanners possible

Choose the right power adapter:

  • Power supply
  • Power supply for serial installation
  • Flush power supply
  • uninterruptible power supply (optional)

If necessary, choose a suitable interface for integrating your ekey system with other systems (under home automation menu in the webshop):

  • for connection to home automation system
  • for connection to access control systems

When discussing door openers and engine locks, please note:

  • A door opener is cheap, but the door is not blocked. (possibly no insurance against burglary)
  • A motor lock locks automatically (mechanically or by motor) and opens electrically (motor-driven). Therefore, before buying an ekey access solution, make sure that there is a motorized lock or an electric opener.
  • For existing doors (without wiring in the door) we are happy to advise you and find the right retrofit solution for your special ekey project.


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