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The right solution for my private space

ekey home is the innovative access system for your private sector.

You can control up to 3 functions with just one finger scanner or keypad.

Different fingers can perform different functions. (For example, the index finger opens the front door, the middle finger deactivates the alarm system and the ring finger opens the garage door).



  • Can store up to 99 fingerprints
  • Can be used to control from 1 to 3 functions (e.g. opening of door or gate, deactivation of alarm system)
  • Easy to operate with central user administration directly via the control panel (no need for a PC)
  • or alternatively via the ekey home app on your smartphone or tablet (with the Bluetooth-compatible ekey home integra 2.0 E BT finger scanner)

5 simple steps to plan your ekey single-point access solution:


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